You can't buy happiness, but...

You can buy a Lebkov gift card, which comes pretty close.

There are only two types of people you should give a Lebkov gift card to. Those already in love with us, or those waiting to be.

We sell 2 types of gift cards - both physical and digital!

  • Our physical Lebkov gift cards are available for purchase in all 7 Lebkov stores.

  • Online digital Lebkov gift cards are available at our website. Sent via email, our digital gift cards are the fastest way to send a gift card to someone. Once your gift card has been paid for, you’ll receive an email with the instructions for your friend, colleague(s), neighbour, or family.

PS. > It's possible to buy 20, 100 or 500 gift cards at once for companies, email us for questions or more information!

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