Frequently Asked Questions

About Lebkov & Sons
What is Lebkov & Sons?
Lebkov & Sons is a family business which operates throughout the Netherlands. Lebkov’s purpose is to provide a third place where you can enjoy sustainable and homemade food & specialty

What makes Lebkov & Sons unique?
Lebkov is working hard to do what’s good. Everything at Lebkov is homemade with the purest ingredients. Our meat is biological, our coffee and all our ingredients are sustainable and we try to minimise our footprint every day. We reduced our transportations by 85% for example.

Where are Lebkov & Sons locations located?
Lebkov is located throughout the Netherlands, with 7 stores. We’re operating in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag & Leiden. To see exactly where we’re located please check our locations!

Are there any job opportunities available at Lebkov & Sons?
Yes! We’re always open to new talent! Check out at careers page!

How can I provide feedback or get in touch with Lebkov & Sons?
You can always send us an email at

Sustainability and Ingredients
Are your ingredients sourced sustainably?
Our products are sourced sustainably! We do our best to reduce our CO2 foot print by purchasing fair products. For example; at Lebkov every milk has the same price! We use Kalverliefde milk as our cow milk option. Kalverliefde milk allows calves to remain with their mothers for a longer duration, promoting a more animal-friendly approach. I want to read more!

Do you make all your products at every location?
Each day, our dedicated people work with the best available ingredients to create your items at the peak of freshness. At Lebkov, everything is homemade, from our freshly squeezed juices to the
ingredients, such as hummus/pesto on your sandwich.

Menu and Ordering
What types of food and beverages does Lebkov & Sons offer?
Lebkov offers you the best sandwiches and coffee around! Furthermore we have salads, cookies & cakes. You can find the complete menu here.

Do you offer vegetarian and vegan options?
Yes we do! At our menu we have our ‘Veggie’ (Carrot symbol) & ‘Vegan’ (Leaf symbol) part!

Do you offer gluten-free options?
Yes, we do have gluten free juices, 4 different gluten free soups and our homemade coconut macaroon cookie is also gluten free.

Can I order online or through a mobile app?
Yes you can order via our website (also for pick-up)! If you want to place an order smaller than 75,- we recommend to stop by or order via Ubereats or Thuisbezorgd.

Can I customize my order?
At Lebkov it is possible to customize your order! The products you want on your sandwich you can get them!

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes! We have gift cards! These gift cards are perfect as a present to your colleague or a friend!

Does Lebkov & Sons have a loyalty program?
No, unfortunately not yet! We’re trying to get this up and running as fast as we can.

Services and Offerings
Do you offer Wi-Fi for customers?
In every Lebkov we offer you Wi-Fi to give you the best working experience possible! Just ask our colleagues for the password and enjoy!

Do you provide catering services for events?
We deliver your office lunches! If you have a special request you can always reach out to us!

Can I make special dietary requests for catering orders?
If you’re making an order there is room for dietary requests! If you’re not sure you can always add it in the comments or call the location you’re ordering from!

Can I reserve seating for a large group at Lebkov & Sons?
We don’t do reservations at Lebkov, first come, first served, but most of the time we are always able to manage it though! We happily like to help you with your order up front via our website!

Are dogs allowed at Lebkov & Sons?
Yes! You can bring your furry (or non-furry) friend along to Lebkov!

What are the operating hours of Lebkov & Sons locations?
Every Lebkov is open all day every day! Specific operating hours are shown at the bottom of our website or always updated for the holidays at Google!

Is your question un-answered? Please send an email!