Organic coffee. Specialty coffee Amsterdam.

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Organic coffee, healthier food.

Mr. Lebkov loves organic coffee and believes that good food is pure, plain & simple. Anything we serve is homemade - with pure ingredients from local or organic suppliers. No additives, no preservatives. We always try to take small steps, for a bigger impact: sustainably shaping tomorrow!

Our Six Guiding Principles

It’s hard to define Lebkov. We’re not a plug & play formula, and definitely not a franchise. A special place for sure. Every day we put our heart and soul in it. Guided by six principles, we’re always on the lookout for those nifty details that help elevate your moment.

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The Original Lebkov Bread

Proof of our passion

It took us more than three years to master our own bread recipe where taste and structure blend together to our satisfaction.

It's made from six natural ingredients - organic whole wheat flour, organic wheat flour, rye sourdough, filtered water, sea salt & a little bit of yeast.

Have a bite. Think we’re right?

We feed the vibe

The look of Lebkov

Our story of coffee. Lebcoffee!

We love good coffee and the enjoyable moments of drinking it.

How it all started

Lebkov is a family adventure. It started back in 2002 when we opened our first shop in Leiden. The aim was to offer a healthy alternative for the many fast food formula's out there. Tap into our history! Where we come from, shows where we're going.